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"Jessica acted as a Mediator in a case in which I represented one of the parties.  The mediation was a difficult one, given some of the prosaic legal issues and complicated by very emotional commitments of the parties.  Jessica came to the mediation extremely well prepared, as she had read and mastered the information provided by each party prior to the mediation.  During the mediation, the cause could have been lost a few times, except for Jessica's steadfast efforts to help the parties reach a resolution."

"Jessica did great work and I would be thrilled to recommend her.  She worked closely with me to understand the issues and my goals.  She listened and communicated very effectively.  She's very bright, easy to work with while being fiercely diligent about her work.  I couldn't be happier with the experience and the work she performed."

"Jessica was so wonderful to work with. She helped me so much as there was literally nothing I understood about this process.  Every time I had any type of question she was so kind and helpful.  She was thorough and had my best intentions in the entire process.  I thank her so much for her help and I highly recommend using Jessica!!"

"Jessica took a welcomed practical approach to our difficult legal dispute and was able to push both parties to an agreeable resolution quite quickly.  Highly recommended."

"Jessica masterfully negotiated the resolution of a conflict we had with a former employee. She is committed to the art of resolution.  We highly recommend Ms. King."

"Jessica is a highly-skilled professional who also brings a tremendous amount of understanding and sensitivity to ensure the best possible care for her clients.  I felt confident she always had my best interests in mind.  She went above and beyond to respond in a timely manner and made sure I had a good grasp on the process.  I highly recommend her services."

"Ms. King was the mediator in a case I recently had.  She was attentive to the concerns of both parties and has an effective communication style.  I think her approachable manner went a long way in bridging the gap between the parties." 

"Working with Jessica was straightforward, approachable and I felt like I was in very good hands. She explained things well, helped answer all of my questions and address concerns about the process we were going through.  Jessica provides a high quality service at a very reasonable price.  I would recommend her to anyone."

"I used Ms. King to mediate a complex legal case.  I was very impressed by Ms. King's preparation on the relevant law and specific facts of our case.  I highly recommend Ms. King as a mediator and would trust her with even the most complex cases."

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